Bringing Hope to Tron, its Community, and the World

African Proverb: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Our Goals

  • aims to sponsor real-world social initiatives, and uplift the lives of those less fortunate by using the rewards from running as a Tron Super Representative, and also to grow the Tron-brand outside of the typical crypto community space. If we, the Tron Community, can give back to society in a positive and meaningful way, then society will learn to appreciate and see real value in TRX, and how it can be used in everyday lives
  • To become a Tron Super Representative in the 21 to 27 range* in order to:
    • Generate Rewards for You, our Supporters
    • Uplift Communities through the Rewards generated from participating as a Super Representative
  • * How can Tron SR voters get the highest TRX rewards?

What We Have

  • Belief in You and the Tron Community
  • Hope
  • Passion
  • Experience
  • A Desire to Help Make the World a Better Place
  • A Desire to Grow the Tron Community
  • A Balanced Reward Approach (Voter Rewards 80% / Social Initiatives 7.5% / Infrastructure 7.5% / Tron Awareness Marketing 5%)
  • A Plan to Achieve Our Goals
  • A Tenacity to help Tron Succeed

Our Starting Community Development Programs

  • Education
    • Bridge International - We have already sponsored a child's education for a year (Kenya)
    • LoveTrust - We have already sponsored a child's education (South Africa)
  • Child Care and Support
    • Benjamin Generation - We have already donated to the Benjamin Generation in support of abandoned and orphaned children. (South Africa)
  • Women and Youth Empowerment
    • YUVA - We have already donated to YUVA Mauritius in support of their Youth Support programme. (Mauritius)
  • Wildlife Conservation
    • Kenya WildLife Trust - We have already donated to the Kenya Wildlife Trust in support of their conservation efforts. (Kenya)
  • Health

With your support, we will look for other Social engagement partners, as well as develop our own programmes in future where there are no existing practical ones.

Our requirement for a Social partner includes openness and transparency.

We will also provide openness and transparency in terms of publishing our activities and financials.

Why Us

  • Proven Commitment
    • We have already donated to community projects for upliftment from our own pockets.
    • We volunteer
  • Spread the Love
    • Just as need your support to help grow the DApp community, needs your support to help grow the Tron-brand and build awareness outside of the traditional crypto channels by engaging with real-world social initiatives.
  • Return on Investment
    • We're giving back 80% in Rewards to our Supporting Community (See our August 2018 95% note)
    • We're giving back a potentially infinite amount of Joy (The great feeling you get from doing great things, not the token)


  • Rewards will be distributed to voters on a daily basis
  • Rewards will be in TRX
  • 95% of Rewards will be distributed to voters for the month of August 2018
  • Thereafter the standard reward model will be followed
    • Voter Rewards 80%
    • Social Initiatives 7.5%
    • Infrastructure 7.5%
    • Tron Awareness Marketing 5%
  • Some people have questions why "only" 7.5% goes to the social initiatives. Please bear in mind that when you give us your vote, you are NOT giving us your TRX. What you are doing is sharing a small portion of the reward with us. We are effectively splitting that reward to the least amount to cover infrastructure and marketing, and the balance to social initiatives
  • In the event that the price of TRX increases, we should be able to reduce the infrastructure and marketing costs in TRX terms, and put more of the rewards into the social initiatives
  • We are also working on a new model to allow you a greater level of choice in your commitment. Please check back here periodically for an update on this

What We Need from You

Where Can You Engage With Us

Tron Super Representative Requirements

For more information on our Tron Super Representative Requirements, please see our representative page at:

The Team

  • Africa
Josiah Jay Moloi

Josiah (RSA)

  • Josiah has over 10 years experiencing in consumer and business banking and management consulting. He is involved in various complex projects in cash management, core banking replacements, workflows and system integration within South Africa and other African regions. He currently looks after product development and projects for one of South Africa’s biggest banks. In addition to his full-time job, he is serving one of his biggest passions – coaching & mentoring. He is also the Founder and MD of Gurulogic Consulting, and has a passion for Social development.

Paddy (RSA)

  • Paddy has been involved as a Sports coordinator for non-profit charitable fund delivering to children in under privileged areas 1999-2002, Transport and logistics manager for a transport company running into Africa, Crypto Enthusiast since late 2016, Traveled the world making friends

Sam (Kenya)

  • Sam has been involved in technology, finance, and project management for more than 10 years, and has experience in delivery of high stakes projects within the financial services industry. 

Kirsten (Mauritius)

  • Kirsten has a passion for learning and giving back. With over 10 years’ experience in business administration, Kirsten is excited to bring Organizational Development, Governance, Community Relations and Project Management skills to the Team. Kirsten oversees the marketing and events for TronHope.

Charles (Mauritius)

  • In 2007 Charles founded NSI Technology Africa, an Africa-wide technology advisory, solutions and services provider with a primary focus on the financial services industry. Charles has been a crypto enthusiast for a number of years and is passionate about business, security, technology and leveraging these to add value to society. 

  • Would you like to help build a Tron-focused social development community in your country?
  • Please get in touch via

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tron?

Tron is the organisation that developed and manages the Tron MainNet network, and Tronix, also known as TRX.

TRX is a digital asset, commonly known as a crypto-currency.

Please see the Tron website for more information.

What is Trx?

TRX is a digital asset, commonly known as a crypto-currency. Think of BitCoin, but way cooler and more practical in every possible way.

What matters to me when I compare BitCoin versus Tron TRX?
  • Speed
    • The TRX network is many times faster than the network supporting BitCoin (2,000+ transactions per second)
    • TRX payments are usually within seconds
    • This offers real-world opportunities for point-of-sale and purchasing
    • Compare this to a BitCoin transaction that has taken many hours or even a day to process (5 transactions per second)
  • Cost
    • TRX transactions are generally free on the Tron network
    • Binance only charges 1 TRX to transfer on to the Tron network
    • Compare this to a BitCoin transaction that cost us $75 to process
  • Environmental Impact
    • The BitCoin network has a huge environmental cost through the electricity demands from mining farms with many thousands of servers and high-end graphics processors
    • The Tron SR7 network is designed to have 127 Super Representative's & Candidates, and currently has less than a 1,000 nodes supporting the entire network.
    • The electrical and environmental cost of 1,000 computers running the entire network is far less than what is required to support the likes of the BitCoin and Ethereum networks
  • Community
    • The BitCoin community has been relatively closed off to newcomers, at least from my experience. You were either there "in the beginning" or you are not worthy
    • Tron has a very open, embracing, and welcoming community
    • Read some of the team sites of the SR27 candidate sites, and you will see the trend of wanting to give back and contribute to society and the Tron community
  • Leadership
    • BitCoin has an elusive unknown founder, who does not lead from the front. What is the strategy? What is the plan? Why should we trust you?
    • Tron has a clear leader in the form of Justin Sun, who has been charismatic, clear and relatively concise in such a fast paced industry. Reading the various chat groups and there are many stories where the Tron leadership has assisted and supported regular people with good idea's
  • Accountability
    • BitCoin ??? Please feel free to send us some more information on this
    • Tron is owned and managed by the Tron Foundation, with headquarters in Singapore
    • TRON FOUNDATION LIMITED - Registration 201721312Z - 22 North Canal Road, Singapore
    • Tron also has offices in Beijing and San Francisco
    • A real corporate entity, with real accountability

Why does everyone keep talking about the Sun?

The names Sun, Justin Sun. A guy that seems to be a tremendous visionary, leader, and deliverer of promises.

Enough has been written online about Justin to keep the storage vendors happy. Thank goodness it's mainly online media otherwise we would have to worry about more deforestation.

Search for Justin at

Follow Justin at

What is a Tron Super Representative?

The 27 Tron Super Representatives (SR's) are the organisations that are responsible to build and operate the new TRON network. Additionally, there will be 50+ stand-by SRs. TRON has set aside SR rewards in the form of TRX to pay the SRs.

The voters, can select which SRs they want, based on their contribution to the community and how they plan to spend their rewards. This gives the voters a direct say in the future of TRON, and how they would like the SRs to reinvest in TRON.

In addition to network operations, some of the common SR plans include items like Network Growth, Marketing and Promotions, Network Security, Voter TRX rewards, User guides, Test net Operations, Voter Communication, Content and Education, dApp development

Token holders in the TRON community fall into the following categories:
  • Token holder: Individual holding any amount of TRX.
  • Super Representative candidates: 127 individuals elected through voting by the entire token holder community. Votes are updated once every 6 hours.
  • Super Representatives: top 27 individuals among the 127 candidates, voted once every 6 hours. Super Representatives play a key role in governing the TRON community by ensuring basic functions, e.g. block generation and bookkeeping, and obtain corresponding earnings

  • Candidate reward: 127 candidates updated once every 6 hours will share 115200 TRX. The reward will be split in accordance to the votes each candidate receives. Total reward of candidates will be 168,192,000 TRX each year
  • Super Representative reward: The TRON Protocol network will generate one block every 3 seconds, with each block awarding 32 TRX to super representatives. A total of 336,384,000 TRX will be awarded annually to twenty-seven super representatives.
  • Therefore, by the following calculation, each SR can receive up to 34,133 TRX per day from block production.
    • A block on the tron network is produced every 3 seconds, rotated sequentially cross the 27 active SR''s
    • Block production results in a reward of 32 TRX
    • Each SR has an opportunity to produce a block every 81 seconds
    • There are 86,400 seconds in a day
    • Each SR therefore has an opportunity to produce a block 1,066.67 times per day
    • Each SR can therefore earn up to 34,133.33 TRX per day.
    • This is not guaranteed as the SR may not have a functioning node for whatever reason, or may have insufficient votes to be a top 27 SR
  • There will be no inflation on the TRON network before January 1, 2021, and the TRON Foundation will award all block rewards and candidate rewards prior to that date.
How can Tron SR voters get the highest TRX rewards?
  • As the voting reward is evenly distributed for active SR's, the best return option is likely to be to place your votes with SR's in the 21 to 27 range.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The below is based on our calculations using the Tron published document on GitHub, and some real numbers available on on 2018/08/06. Errors and omissions may exist.
  • That sounds crazy? Number 1 is always best!!! Why are you saying this?
    • If SR in position 6 earns 34,133.33 TRX per day, and distributed 80% (27,306.664) across their voter pool of 180,326,287, then each 10,000 votes is rewarded with 1.514 TRX
    • Whereas if an SR in position 27 earns 34,133.33 TRX per day, and distributed 80% across their voter pool of only 100,028,342, then each 10,000 votes is rewarded with 2.729 TRX
    • This is an additional 1.215 per 10,000 TRX returned by SR 27 as there is a consistent reward amount, however with a lower reward dilution due to the lower number of votes
  • But what about the candidate votes?
    • Candidate votes are distributed 6 hourly, at a total daily amount of 460,800 TRX
    • Continuing the example above, SR in position 6 has 180,326,287 votes, or 3.13% of the total votes of 5,763,808,629
    • This adds 14,423.04 TRX to the total rewards earned by SR 6 per day
    • With a distribution rate of 80%, this adds 11,538.43 TRX to the daily reward pool
    • This takes SR6's total daily reward distribution to voters, at an 80% rate, to 38,845.10 or 2.154 TRX per 10,000 votes
    • The SR in position 27 has 100,028,342 votes, or 1.74% of the total votes of 5,763,808,629
    • This adds 8,017.92 TRX to the total rewards earned by SR 6 per day
    • With a distribution rate of 80%, this adds 6,414.336 TRX to the daily reward pool
    • This takes SR27's total daily reward distribution to voters, at an 80% rate, to 33,721.00 or 3.371 TRX per 10,000 votes
    • This shows a greater net effective return of 1.216 TRX per 10,000 votes per day by picking SR27 over SR6
    • As people realise this, the likely effect is that there may end up being a more even distribution of votes across the top 27 super representatives, at which point the voters may end up focusing on the real contributions the super representatives add to the community and society, as the financial reward may become more consistent across the 27 SR's
    • UPDATE: Once the top 27 Super Representatives were officially locked into their positions, one of the first voting items was to double the rewards due to vote allocation. Of course, the top 27 have more votes, and so this was essentially a move to solidify their position and lockout those SR's trying to move up the chain. Who would have thought that those in a position of authority would vote to change the system to give them an advantage in retaining their power?
  • The other aspect to consider is compounding or adding your rewards back in to your Tron Power voting commitment.
  • Some SR's pay rewards out frequently, which means you need to login, freeze your TRX rewards, and then vote with them. Some people don't have the time for this.
  • provide Rewards in their own token, SEED, mapped 1-to-1 with TRX in terms of value. offer to re-add your SEED token back into the voting pool. We think this is a novel idea that may suit those with limited time, but we don't currently have our own token to allow us to do the same.
  • Please note that we are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with We like their approach to community investment and the way they have approached being a Tron SR
Super Representative
  • Users can get SR information from TRON blockchain explorer, the detailed information shown as below:
    • The account address of the delegate
    • The total votes that the delegate received
    • The url of personal website
    • The total of blocks produced by the delegate
    • The total missed blocks of delegate
  • Super Representative Recommendations
    • Every token holder has the opportunity to become a TRON Super Representative. However, for the network and community to operate more smoothly and effectively, we have created a set of standards and regulations for eligible candidates to become recommended Super Representatives

How Else Can I Support aims to bridge the gap between traditional social investment and the relatively new concept of digital asset backed social investment

If you are interested in partnering with then please email

  • We will be working on a direct donations page for those that want to support with fiat

We will convert any fiat received into TRX and place it into a shared donations wallet

The TRX in the shared donations wallet will be converted to TronPower, and their votes applied

The rewards earned from the shared donations wallet will put towards sustaining the SR 27 position and the social causes

I want to donate to the TronHope projects, without voting

Tron TRX can be sent to the following wallet to provide a direct donation

  • TY9nBohvjCKyfbiaQjb61HESRuGB5ga8RG

Donations will be used to maintain the Super Representative position in the top 27, however if not needed to maintain the position, will be contributed directly to the approved social causes

I'm keen. How do I actually show my support for

  1. Buy ​a Primary Crypto on your FIAT Exchange
    • You can start by converting cash into crypto at an online exchange like Luno or CEX
    • We recommend buying Ethereum over BitCoin, as the transaction fees are lower and transfer speeds higher.
  2. Convert your Primary Crypto to TRX
    • Setup an account at a reputable exchange that supports your primary crypto and your alternate crypto (TRX in this case). We recommend Binance
    • Send your crypto purchased in step 1 to your wallet on the Conversion Exchange (i.e Binance)
    • Convert / Trade your Primary crypto to TRX on the Conversion Exchange
  3. Setup a TRX Wallet
    • A range of TRX wallets are available. Please see TronScan to create a wallet
  4. Send your TRX from your Conversion Exchange to your TronScan TRX Wallet
  5. Convert TRX to TronPower aka Freeze TRX
    • In your TronScan TRX Wallet, select Account and then scroll down to TRON Power
    • Select Freeze, and enter the amount of TRX you would like to freeze (aka convert to TRON Power)
    • Please note that Freezing TRX does not cost anything, and you still own the TRX. They are locked for a 3 day period.
    • Another note, when "topping up" your TRON Power, it sets a new 3 day period for ALL of your TRX
  6. Assign Vote
    1. Select Vote for Super Representatives
    2. Select the Click Here To Start Voting message
    3. Assign your votes in proportion as you would like
    4. Click on Submit Votes

How do I Vote for a Tron Super Representative?

How does the Voting work?

Voting can be done at any time, including changing who you want to vote, however the changes will only apply once every 6 hours

Voting can be done at

Where can I find out more information about Tron?

Please see the Tron website for more information. There are many resources available there including information on Wallets, the WhitePaper, DApps, Social Media channels and more 

The site is also very informative.

Who decides which activities to support?

Our aim is to provide a voting mechanism to allow our voters to also vote on the social initiatices we provide support to.

In the meantime, the leadership team has picked the projects listed on this page.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for additional social initiatives that you believe we should support.

How do we choose which social initiatives to support?

Our aim is to provide a voting mechanism to allow our voters to also vote on the social programmes we provide support to.

In the meantime, the leadership team has picked the projects listed on this page.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for additional social initiatives that you believe we should support.

Is a financial advisor?

No. In no way whatsoever.


Please do your own research, due diligence, get formal, and individual professional advice to meet your personal needs.

The digital asset aka crypto-currency market aka BitCoin market is inherently volatile, and while any investment may have the potential for exponential returns, there also exists the risk that you may lose your investment entirely. Please do not invest more than you can afford to live without., its associates, contractors, leaders, possums, and any other associated or non-associated being or entity, accept no liability whatsoever for any actions you take.